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2023 was a good year for Friends of Spooners Creek (FOSCA).  The mission of FOSCA is to maintain free and clear navigation in the approach channel to Spooners Creek which will sustain property values of the Spooners Creek Community.  You, as donors to FOSCA make this possible. Thanks to our generous donors, we have started to build the financial reserves for future work with dredging activities to the channel.  We aim to arrange for dredging to maintain the channel to six feet depth.  In addition, last year, some the channel mark pilings that were pushed over from the storms.  To maintain safe navigation we arranged them to be realigned to their correct location on the outside of the channel. 

For 2024 we are looking for a comprehensive dredging of the channel that should last for a few years.  We have reached out to several dredging companies and received a quote from King Dredging Company located in Beaufort.  They recommend first preforming a hydrograph survey of the channel to determine the condition of the channel and the amount of material to be removed.  The entire channel would be dredged to the permitted depth and width.  They estimate, from prior experience in Carteret and Pamlico counties that this will have a 3-6 year life.  The dredging will be accomplished by either traditional or hydraulic equipment depending on the arrangement of a site for the disposed material.  A copy of the quote can be viewed from this link.

The board of directors has reviewed this quotation and authorized the hydrograph survey.  We plan to begin dredging once we have adequate funding and as schedule permits. 

At this point we have $64,000 available in our cash account.  The survey costs is $5,500, and the initial estimate is that 500 cubic yards of material will need to be removed. For removal based on this preliminary estimate and mobilization of the equipment, the cost is $68,500.  To begin dredging with a contingency for additional work that may be required plus maintain a limited cash balance on hand for ongoing activities, which we estimate $10,000, we estimate that we need an additional $20,000.  Any funds not used in the contingency will be available for additional needed activities including reserves for conditions caused by storms.  Once available, the survey will provide a more accurate estimate of the dredging that is required.

We begin our 2024 Fund Raising Campaign with a request to help us generate the funds required for this work.  Your continued or first time support is important to keep our channel clear. Suggested donation amounts are listed on the  contribution form. Payment is simple by mailing your check or you payment can be made on-line.  To mail your donation, please use the contribution form

We have identified 222 properties in Spooners Creek neighborhoods that benefit from our work.  Last year, we had 51 contributors representing 22% of the community which is a small number of those that benefit from our work.  We try to reach everybody, however we need your help to keep our community  informed of our efforts.  Not only does this help maintain our lifestyle on the water, it also is a significant factor for property values.

Year end financial information has been updated on our website and is updated quarterly.

FOSCA Board members are:

  • President: Doug Bolton

  • Vice-Presidents: Edgar Woodson and Steve Capalbo

  • Secretary: Steve Aloi

  • Treasurer: Kelly Garrod

We are trying our best for transparency to our donors regarding our activities.  Please feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions, comments or concerns.  Your can also email us at  As we are an all volunteer organization, your support is both appreciated and important to our mission.

You can always show your support with the Spooners Creek bungee.  They available at the Shores marina.  See the picture below.  Cost is $30.  Please see Terry or Jerry at the Spooners Creek Marina..

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FOSCA Burgee

Burgees for Friends of Spooners Creek are for sale at the Spooners Creek marina for $30.  Please see Terry or Jerry.  

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