Message from the Board of Directors

First - a huge shout out to all those that contributed last year. Thanks to your generous help, we have over $45,000 in our checking account to fund the upcoming dredging efforts early this year. Our mission is to maintain free & clear navigation in approach channel to Spooners Creek which sustain property values of surrounding community. Your contributions makes this happen!

We have allocated dredging this winter/spring for up to 1,000 yards of material to be removed from our entrance channel at a cost of $45/yard. We hope to finalize a dredging contractor shortly for the work to proceed. Luckily, the channel is in good shape and this should be sufficient.

You now have the ability to pay
on-line. You can use this link or the information has been added to the contribution form. Year end financial information has been updated on our website.

We are beginning our fund raising campaign for 2023 and need your continued support. We have identified 213 properties in Spooners Creek that benefit from our work. Last year, we had 84 contributors representing 39% of the community. To maintain clear channels we need to increase this number. Please let your neighbors know about the important work of FOSCA and urge them to participate. Not only does this help maintain our lifestyle on the water, it also is a significant factor for property values.

Although this update is a few weeks behind, we have some good news for its delay. Our board was able to meet in January to align our work, plan for the upcoming year, and elect officers. The new officers are:

  • President: Doug Bolton

  • Vice-Presidents: Edgar Woodson and Steve Capalbo

  • Secretary: Steve Aloi

  • Treasurer: Kelly Garrod

We are each proud to be a part of this organization and urge everybody reach out to any one of us with any questions or comments that you may have. Or.. if you wish to give us a hand, we would welcome your assistance, there is plenty to do.

We have a limited number of flags available at the Shores marina. See the picture below. Cost is $30. Please see Terry or Jerry.

Contact us:

FOSCA Burgee

Burgees for Friends of Spooners Creek are for sale at the Spooners Creek marina for $30. Please see Terry or Jerry.

Maintaining Open Waterways in Spooners Creek


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