Suggested Contributions

The FOSCA is an independent nonprofit corporation (501(c (3)) with operational oversight provided by managing officers, elected by a Board of Directors representative of the various neighborhoods within the Spooners Creek community.

The purpose of FOSCA is to maintain free and clear navigation in the approach channel to Spooners Creek which will sustain property values of the Spooners Creek Community. Please help preserve reliable deep-water access to the Spooners Creek community by joining your neighbors in supporting our objective.

Participating boat contribution suggestion:

<20 feet: $100, 20-24 feet: $150, 25-29 feet: $225, 30-34 feet: $300, 35-39 feet: $375, 40-44, feet: $450, 45-49 feet: $525, 50-54 feet: $600, 55-59 feet: $675, 60-64 feet: $750 >65 feet: $825

*For multiple boats please add $50

Individuals and Groups contribution suggestion:

Friend: $50, Sponsor: $100, Patron: $250, Benefactor: $500, Spooners Circle $1,000

Pay On-Line

Contribution Form

Please Print and Mail to:

Friends of Spooners Creek Association

P.O. Box 2208

Morehead City , NC 28557

Click for PDF Document: 2024 Contribution Form

Maintaining Open Waterways in Spooners Creek


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