Reporting a Low Area

If you experience a low area requiring attention, here is the process for reporting an area needing some attention.  

The more information we have, the better we can locate and work on the problem area.  To help us locate the area, use this link for the 2020 Dredging Survey.  Mark-up the survey showing the area that you encountered low depth and email back us at  Please provide any details that would help us to communicate the area to the dredging company.  This may include depth, relationship to any landmarks or markers, and date/time the low area was encountered.  Please include your contact information if there are any questions and if you wish to be notified when resolved.

We will pass this information back to our dredging company to resolve.  We are dependent on their schedule, however we will try to resolve the information as quickly as possible.  

Maintaining Open Waterways in Spooners Creek


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